Learn About and View Geophysical Equipment For Rent

Before ordering equipment it is best to review the description and specifications of the desired geophysical instruments. Although most of the time professionals are well aware of what they want, it won’t take long to review the capabilities of the geophysical equipment we offer. Below is an alphabetical listing of major groups of geophysical instruments.

  • Electrical resistivity
  • Electromagnetics
  • Ground penetrating radar
  • DGPS
  • Ground vibration and noise monitoring
  • Magnetics
  • Magnetic susceptibility
  • Seismics
  • Line locating

Click on the images below to find out more about each major group of geophysical equipment.

Unique high end geophysical equipment for near surface surveys

In addition to our large inventory, we offer two very special geophysical instruments, one from Sensors & Software and the other from Geonics Instruments LTD. Without doubt, the newest one of these two systems is from Sensors & Software. In late 2019, the pulseEKKO Ultra Receiver was introduced to the GPR market. Unlike its predecessors, the pulseEKKO Ultra GPR system is a paradigm shift in technology. In other words, its advanced capabilities increased stacking from the common eight to sixteen traces per record to well over 2048 traces per record. Often a geophysical operator can acquire 4096 to 8192 traces per record at the same ground speed that would allow only 16 traces per record without skipping traces. Consequently, we have documented Sensors & Software’s Ultra receiver ability to double the depth of penetration when compared to previous systems. The manufacturer often markets that the pulseEKKO Ultra receiver can reach up to three times the depth of investigation.

What are geophysical instruments GPR Seismic MASW Electrical Resistivity EM
Learn about geophysical instruments like GPR, MASW seismic, electrical resistivity imaging, and Geonics electromagnetic terrain conductivity instruments

The second unique geophysical instrument we offer is Geonic’s EM61 high power metal detector or EM61 MK2A HP. In comparison to the Ultra receiver, the EM61 high powered unit has a long history. Why is the EM61 HP special? The EM61 HP is special because it offers up to about ten times the signal to noise ratio. Given the EM61 HP’s higher cost and the fact Geonics’ typical EM61 MK2A performs very well in areas with low noise levels, operators seldom have the opportunity to try an EM61 MK2A high power system. Though it is heavier, which makes it more difficult to maneuver in rough terrain, the system is well worth having when searching for buried metal in urban environments. Clearly, we are proud to offer Geonics EM61 High Power (HP) MK2A metal detectors for rent.