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Engineering Geophysics

requires a variety of  geophysical equipment.

Geophysical Equipment discusses many of the near surface geophysical methods and equipment available in today’s geophysical surveys. Rent geophysical equipment from K.D. Jones Instruments or follow one of the links below to other sites. Geonics manufactures the EM-31, EM-34, EM-38, EM-61, and protem. Sensors and Software provides a wide range of Ground Penetrating Radar GPR units (Noggin 500, 250, 100 MHz,  Pulse Ekko Smartcart with 25, 50, 100, 200, and 1000 MHz antennas, and a noggin conquest 1000 MHz system). The SuperSting R8 and R1 units, built by AGI, acquire electrical resistivity data. Geometrics offers a wide range of geophysical equipment (magnetometers, seismographs, and the ohmmapper electrical resistivity system).

Geometric’s Geode is often used

for seismic reflection, refraction, shear-wave, and MASW surveys. While seismic reflection surveys can reach 1000’s of feet of penetration, seismic refraction and MASW surveys are generally used for near surface geophysics (goto rent seismic equipment). Geometric’s OhmMapper system (rent an OhmMapper) is a towed electrical resistivity system and their G856 and G858 magnetometers are excellent for finding buried iron. Rent a magnetometer through Multichannel analysis of surface waves is a seismic methods used to assist with determining shear wave velocities at depth. Equipment can be found through

Geophysical Equipment Rental Seismic Reflection Refraction MASW

Equipment for Seismic Reflection Refraction MASW

AGI’s SuperSting systems are rented

for soundings, profiles, and multi-electrode electrical resistivity surveys (Rent resistivity equipment). The SuperSting R8 with 84 electrodes is capable of acquiring 2-D and 3-D electrical resistivity images of the subsurface. While closely spaced electrodes limit penetration to ten’s of feet, electrodes spaced 5 meters apart can reach depths of hundreds of feet. 2-D images map detectable variations in the geology and presents the results as a cross-section. Electrical resistivity data collected over time can monitor changes in the subsurface. Electrical resistivity meters for a ground resistance test can be found here.

Sensors and Software’s ground penetrating radar (GPR) equipment

provides a wide range of frequencies for imaging a few inches to ten’s and possibly over 100 feet of penetration. The pulse EKKO Pro GPR system is ideal for deep penetration too several feet. The noggin shielded antenna system is often used for shallow geologic mapping, locating buried utilities, finding underground storage tanks, archaeology investigations, detecting graves, and imaging ice. The noggin 1000 or conquest are often used for characterizing concrete, pavement, and military UXO’s. Find GPR systems to rent, like a, noggin 500, 250, 100 MHz  or the Pulse Ekko Smartcart with 25, 50, 100, and 200 MHz antennas, or a noggin conquest 1000 MHz system)

Geonics EM31, EM34, and EM38 are frequency domain terrain conductivity meters

and are used to map variations in soil conductivities ranging from a few feet to approximately 200 feet deep. The EM38 achieves depths of approximately 5 feet, the EM31 penetrates less than approximately 20 feet, and the EM34 achieves depths down to approximately 190 feet. Depths are dependent on soil conductivities. Follow this link to rent Geonics Instruments.

While line locators (for pipes and cables), magnetic susceptibility meters, concrete scanners, vibration monitoring equipment, and GPS are not always considered main stream engineering geophysics equipment, they play an important role in nondestructive methods.

Ground Vibration Monitoring

for blasting, pile driving, dynamic compaction,

or other applications like demolition, construction, or trucking, rent an Instantel ground vibration monitor. The system consists of a seismograph, geophone or accelerometer, microphone, and software to record and present results. The link above provides more details about this geophysical application.

A DGPS Reciever

for ground control, positioning, or guidance

can be rented from The DGPS systems can be integrated in to many of the geophysical data loggers that come with a geophysical equipment rental. The DGPS systems are also capable of being used with a standalone data logger.

 A Magnetic Susceptibility meter

for measuring the magnetic susceptibility of soils and rock

is available through a site dedicated to magnetic susceptibility. For small sample volumes a TerraPlus KT-10 works well and for larger volumes a Geonics EM-38 is often used.

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